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  • 06-21-2017
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    New Experiences WenOut Hike! presents-

    New Experiences WenOut Fam Hike!

    The second outing will be at Devils Spur Trail near Mission Ridge on June 21st, a Wednesday at 5:30 pm.

    This will be roughly a 1 hour long hike at your own pace. I suggest bringing food in the car for dinner for the drive home for your little one or a picnic dinner to eat during or after the hike.

    Directions for Devils Spur Trail-Drive up Squilchuck Road toward Mission Ridge. Follow the Squilchuck Rd for 3.5 miles past Squilchuck State Park. At a switchback about 1 mile before the ski area, you’ll find a turnoff/large parking lot on the right with a huge rock. Beyond the gate is a sign and map. The sign says “Devil’s Spur” but people also call this the Devils Tie-In. If you are in luck, no one will have ripped off the sign and you can see where you’re headed.
    This is a wide graveled trail with great views of the Wenatchee Valley. There are two spots where streams meet the trail, for kids to play in or just to admire. A great hike on a hot day.

    For more information on Devils Spur see our guidebook post HERE.