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    Vantage Toilet

    It's an interesting day when a new toilet is big climbing news. However if you've ever relied on the rancid Honey Bucket at Frenchman Coulee (Vantage) after the ever-considerate Gorge concert goers have offloaded all manners of smelly stools, half-empty beer cans, broken Vodka bottles, and rotting banana peels inside, you'll understand how desperately some have yearned for a new temple in which to enjoy their morning constitution.

    Hopefully this vault toilet will be an example of scat going green rather than one of poop breaking bad. In theory the addition will be a great improvement to the area. And yet we worry: With the ever-considerate Gorge concert goers stressing this structure on many a summer weekend, keeping a vault toilet from overflowing with so much human goodness that it becomes known as 'Hanford West' could be a challenge.

    More about the project.

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    About that new toilet at frenchmans... Par den the pun and language, but after visiting said toilet last weekend it is quickly becoming a shitty situation. My girlfriend and I were excited to break in the new accommodations yet upon opening the door we chose to go outside due to already deplorable conditions after last weeks concert. Garbage of course and we'll lets just say poor aim and "chocolate" graffiti. Was it full... No not even close. Just some idiots thinkn that drugs and alcohol make for some amusing party time with a turd in there hand. I won't even go into detail about the bloody mess down the seat. As a lifelong outdoorsman It's a safe bet that it was not peeps from our climbing community committing these acts.



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