It's been plenty cold lately and veteran ice climber, Curt Haire, just sent out this info to the Climbing Chatter group/.

>for all of you out there looking forward to Haireball's ice conditions:

Here's the first installment for this year: In Icicle Canyon, Hubba-Hubba Hill has three climbable lines in; the Funnel was climbed twice that I know of last weekend, the far left flow was also climbed, and far right was not climbed, but appears to be in. With no snow yet to melt and feed lines, all else is pretty dry; Dog Dome is getting close, but the bridge has not yet been installed.

Above Highway #2, Gill Creek Falls appears (from a distance) to be in, Consolation Prize (smear below Recurve dihedral) looks good, Drury looks climbable for the Adventurous, and pretty much everything else remains too dry to form.
There are a few short smears showing in gullys/draws in both canyons that are usually buried under many feet of snow...