March 17, 2015. The Climbing Chatter Email list had this info that is relevant to Leavenworth Climbers

John Plotz wrote:
"Speaking of Hobo Gulch area... I was there this past late February, and it is in tough shape after last year's fire event. The trail leading to the steepest portion of the crag is mostly gone, and the belay area is eroding. I saw Dilley walking out of there the weekend before so I imagine he was taking care of some of the poison ivy. And it did look like someone has been trying to repair some of the damage. But if any crag were in need of some intense maintenance, Hobo's would be it. Maybe this would be a good pet project for the LMA? I'd be more than happy to donate my time on a Saturday or Sunday to help repair the damage...

To which Marc Dilley wrote:
I have taken out most of the large maples that fell on the trail to wall. The last few switchbacks to the wall are gone and climbers are scrambling all over and as John reports it is eroded and getting worse. When I get some time I'm going to reroute that final portion of the trail through the small stand of trees to the left (looking up). This will avoid the sandy slope and hauling up rocks. I've sprayed the Poison Oak in the past but is coming back so needs another shot. Be advised that it is along the trail to the wall and is most potent when the leaves are small.