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    GAIA GPS warning

    I use the GAIA GPS app on my phone for navigation. I find it trustworthy for locating me on a screen map that looks just like my paper map. In addition, I use if for real time navigation in the following manner:

    Toggle the map to stay still, and the cursor pointer to point on the map in the direction your phone is facing.
    Orient your phone until the cursor points in the map direction that you wish to go
    Follow your phone.

    It is so easy! There is also a toggle where the cursor always points up, and the map moves as the phone is pointed different directions. In that mode, navigation works the same; when the cursor is pointing to the spot on the map you want to go to, then your phone is pointing at that spot and you can move in that direction.

    Recently I noticed that my cursor was off by more than 90 degrees in the first mode, but still worked in the second mode. I wrote to GAIA to ask about it. Here is the correspondence:

    Me to Gaia:
    My generally trustworthy gaia gps has stopped pointing the correct direction when in the mode where the map stays put and the curror points the direction that the phone is pointing. It is still accurate in the mode where the map moves but the cursor points up.

    Iphone 4

    Just me? Is there a fix?

    Mike Rolfs
    Wenatchee, WA

    Gaia to me:
    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for reporting this issue.

    10.3.1 is already in review in the app store, so we are unable to resolve this issue for the next release; however, we think we have found the cause and will fix it in the following update.

    I appreciate your patience. Please let me know if you need any further assistance.

    Ashli Baldwin
    Adventure Support

    So apparently until further notice, you can't trust the cursor except in map rotating mode.

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    Good to know. Thanks.

    When you download a topo map from GAIA do you know the format of the map? And to work with maps that are geo-referenced that synch with the phone's GPS do all the maps have to be downloaded from GAIA or will maps downloaded from other sources work within the GAIA App?



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