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    Regional Springtime Backcountry Skiing Condtions

    Skied Blewett Pass on Thursday March 3 (Windy Knob) and Sunday March 6 (Diamond Head and Windy Knob). For how good the skiing up at Blewett seemed in January, there has been a huge turn around in snow depth over the past several weeks. Now the overall snow depth and snow conditions around Blewett feel like late March or even April. Even between March 3 and March 6 there had been a big loss of snow (lots of rain Saturday night). Snow conditions on north side of Windy Knob had adequate coverage but snow was crusty (breakable) on the north aspects and firm on the south and west aspects. Very little snow still on the south aspects but still enough continuous snow (barely) to ski up and down without removing skis. Diamond Head has good coverage still but snow on the northeast side was crusty from the night and there was a fine line as it thawed in the morning where it would ski nicely and where it would become too soft and mushy.

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    Thanks for the update Andy. To continue your regional springtime backcountry conditions, I was skiing up King Creek at Blewitt on Friday March 4th and because of the southern exposure we had to take off our skis 5 times to cross over snowless patches. I felt when up there that it was probably one of the last days you could ski much on the south facing slopes. Super beautiful and Spring time conditions out there. A little slow with the on and off of the skis but a worthwhile effort.



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