Date/Place 4/14/2016 at Chelan Douglas Land Trust

Introductions. Round table introductions. Who’s here and what group(s) being represented? Attendance: Tom Cushing (Wenatchee Row and Paddle Club), Mike Soreneon (Complete the Loop Coalition), Hanne Beener (Chelan Douglas Land Trust), Judy Neibauer (Team Naturaleza), Sarah Fitzgerald (City of Wenatchee, Rec Dept), Sean Koester (Cascade Columbia Fish Enhancement Group), Matt Shales (Evergreen Mtn Bike Alliance), Mary Bean (US Forest Service), Bob Gillespie (Wenatchee Valley College), Ariahna Jones (WVC), Sarah Shaffer (WenatcheeOutdoors), Ace Bollinger (Wenatchee Valley Velo Club), Matt Kearny (Chamber and Wenatchee Valley Sports), Andy Dappen (WO)

Leadership of group. Andy Dappen reported that Sarah Shaffer (ED for WenatcheeOutdoors) now has the role of coordinating this group and she will facilitate/chair the meetings in the future.

EverbodyOut Column. Who has written for EverybodyOut! Column (runs Friday in Wenatchee World thus far and how did it go? Sarah Shaffer is coordinating the masterlist of who writes for the paper. Leslie Bourne at Wenatchee World (bourne@wenatcheeworld.com) is the contact person at paper who articles are to be sent to. Sarah recirculated the list among those present at meeting to get additional commitments for columns
• Mike Sorensen did a column on the Peshastin Mill Site effort and as a result raised awareness of effort and received one substantial donation.
• Hanne Beener did column about upcoming trail efforts and work parties and between this story and other info in the paper has had good numbers/attendance with Land Trust work parties this spring.
Andy reported on what paper wants here – stories that help people get outdoors and news readers can use. Stories can be where to, how to, about upcoming events, about conditions, about etiquette, inspirational (why we get outdoors). Less about ‘advertising’ your group, more about what opportunities exist to get outdoors through your group. Sarah will re-circulate a template with parameters to help you write these stories that outline content ideas, length, format, photos, etc.

WVOA Projects for 2016. Andy passed out a sheet that had most of the projects we have done before or we have discussed before. We brainstormed on what should be added. Sarah Fitzgerald emphasized that creating new events may not be a good idea – so much already happening and this just creates more work for us.
• Ideas like the column (discussed above) are ones that really help us all – give us all new opportunities.
• Big Umbrella (theme bringing it all together) of Everybody Out! Campaign we developed before and general sentiment is that this is still a good tent to tie what we do together. Push through newspaper, Radio, TV, and El Mundo
• Also had a discussion on past project-- EverybodyOut Day at Pybus. This year the date would be July 11, 2016 if we wanted to do it again. Those who participated with booths at the event over the past 2 years agreed it was successful in regards to visits at booth but it was not successful financially (raising money for any organization or for WVOA). Last year the Wen Row and Paddle Club spearheaded effort and Tom Cushing reported they wouldn’t do again -- lots of work and no return financially. No one was willing to take on putting on the event this year.
• There are other opportunities for setting up booths by dovetailing with other efforts already afoot. Sarah Fitzgerald said the event the city puts on in early January for kids and families has been very successful. Ace Bollinger said a good opportunity for exhibits is with Tour de Bloom Criterium – he’ll give nonprofits who want to set up on Criterium loop a 10 by 10 space free; Ace not at all happy Pybus would charge for the event we put on (should be some give back to the community). Rotary Century another place it might be good to have a booth.
• EverybodyOut Day – Pybus – (June 11, 2016). Won’t do this year (see above)
• EverybodyOut First Wednesday or First Thursday night Series. Still interest in this, but maybe we could tie together or combine with other things and programs happening (Café Mella First Friday artists, or Pybus University). Also talk about doing this as an on-going series some at some place like the Badger Mtn (Thirsty Thursdays). Do it one time a month.
• National Trails Day is June 14. Might make sense to combine efforts with EMBA, CDLT, Forest Service, etc. to raise awareness of everyone’s events.
• Everybody Out! Newspaper Column (designate weeks for our groups)
• Everybody Out! Radio Show (KOHO) and maybe a table at Pybus
• New TV Channel NCWY? TV (Channel 12) in its infancy. TV content needed like newspaper content. This could be a good opportunity for our different groups to get exposure – develop group opportunity like the newspaper column
• Compile masterlist of media sources (regional papers, radio, magazines, TV)
• Compile a directory of our organizations (contact info, names, websites)
• Latino Outreach. What can we all do to be more effective here? Also include the Latino paper, radio, etc. in our outreach efforts
• Directory of local decision makers, meetings, contact info
• Master list of meetings and divided coverage of group to cover all Coverage of local meetings
• Any of the local efforts worthy of our involvement (Peshastin Mill Site, UWCLP, Naneum Ridge Rec Plan
• Advocacy for Recreation Process
• Economic Study – Underway as an independent effort now but involvement opportunities probably exist here. Matt Kearny an excellent contact here
• Governance/Organizational. This year we might want to work on logo creation and letterhead. Having these gives more clout and substance to our efforts and requests. College might be able to help us with a competition to design these.

Our Valley What’s Next Update.

Ariahna Jones and Bob Gillespie talked about Outdoor Recreation Program at WVC.
Associate Degree Technical Transfer. Two years Associate Degree that can plug in with a 4-year University program. Most of classes now are lower level classes to introduce students to our seasonal sports. Each quarter running classes with different outdoor activities found in our area. Higher level classes working on leadership skills. Most students don’t have background in our outdoor activities (sports) and don’t have gear. Collaboration efforts exist here --opportunities for WVOA groups to provide leadership and gear and help with training, and opportunity to have students help with projects our WVOA members might need worked on.

Judi Neibauer discussed Team Naturaleza some of its history and how it’s operating/funded. Another area for collaboration with existing groups and getting Latino population involved with our efforts.