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    Running the Wenatchee - Practice

    The Wenatchee is dropping quickly and snowpack will probably not sustain very large flows as we get into later June. Currently the flow at Monitor is 5900 cfs and the mean flow for this date is 9300 cfs. Unless we have some significant rainfall, the levels will keep dropping... so we should think about doing some practice runs in the weeks ahead while we have some reasonably powerful water. Even if we aren't using the Pakboats we can get used to paddling together, hone our eddy turns and ferrying, etc.

    Also all four of us needn't be along. We can go as pairs or threes (I can paddle my kayak as a safety boat if we're three)

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    What part of the Wenatchee are you thinking about running in canoes?

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    I agree. Lets start on flat water and work up. Confluence/Columbia, Monitor down, Cashmere down, maybe upper Wenatchee from Lake to Plain or to Tumwater campground, and then try the class 3. I need to see what Diana and I are doing this weekend but I should have time one of the days. After work during the week is an option.



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