On a very windy day I hiked a cross country route up to Goman Ridge, ascending to the former site of Byrd Lookout (Point 3625') and also to Goman Peak (Point 3499'), which was a lookout site back in the 1930s. The length of the hike can be varied depending upon how far up Oklahoma Gulch one drives. Most of the hike is on state fish and wildlife land and that agency controls the gate at the bottom of the access road. Oklahoma Gulch begins from Highway 97A a bit south of the Navarre Coulee junction.

Since the gate was open, I decided to shorten the hike a bit, given that I wasn't arriving until midday. I drove Oklahoma Gulch to 1400' elevation where a short spur drops left to a campsite and wildlife feeding area. I headed straight south to ascend Point 2291', now on Byrd Ridge. This ridge continues west for a few miles, always keeping Byrd Canyon in its left side, passing over scenic Point 3280+, with a nice tree there for some shade. Continuing west, I ascended to Point 3625', formerly known in the 1930s as Byrd Lookout. A nice fire pit was right on the top, presumed to be used during hunting season in the fall.

From here I headed north on Forest Service Roads, passing over Point 3340' and on to Goman Peak (Point 3499'). An unusual rock chair was a nice resting point. I tried to imagine the "crows nest" lookout that was placed perhaps sixty feet above and anchored to a solid tree. The wind was not conducive to a long stay, so down I went.

I headed cross country again, now descending easterly towards the junction of Goman Ridge and the Oklahoma Gulch road. From here a few miles of hiking the mostly deserted road brought me back to my starting point. The loop was a bit shy of eight miles and included 2800+ elevation gain.

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