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    Old Blewett loop

    Had a nice ride today. Parked at the bottom of Old Blewett on the north side at hwy 97. Rode over the pass and crossed the highway and rode Hurley Creek Rd.(9711) to Liberty Beehive Rd.(9712) to 9716 and down to Blewett Pass(Swauk). I crossed the highway and rode the short climb to the top of Scotty Creek Rd. and down Scotty Creek to the car. About 30-35 miles and 2/3 of that on nice dirt and gravel roads. It was a bit cold and wet today between sun breaks, I got soaked to the skin three times on the ride. This ride would be doable on a road or mt bike but a nice heavy touring bike is optimal.

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    Thanks for sharing, Aaron. I remember you pointing out a similar route after I had posted of my first experience riding Old Blewett. I'm excited to try your variation. What bike did you ride? What is the roadbed quality?

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    9711, 9712 and 9716 are all very well maintained gravel and packed dirt roads. Scotty Creek is nice but more of a double track in spots and narrower. I rode my Atlantis with 35 mm Ritchey tires. You could do it on road tires but if it's wet is kinda slick and Scotty Creek is a bit loose and rough in spots.

    For a longer ride a figure 8 ride of this and Camas Cr/Ruby Cr would be great.



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