Below is a climbing chatter from Stephen Guyette from last week about restoring access to a local climbing area.

The Short Version:**
We lost access to a local Wenatchee climbing area and need help to restore access.

The Longer Version:**
Last year I was introduced to a small crag just north of Wenatchee thanks to a couple people on this email list. *I don't think anyone ever called it by name, but it has more*than 20 climbs with anchors and bolts dating from the 1980's to modern ASCA quality hardware. *This climbing area, although not classic by our nearby Leavenworth*standards, was the closest climbing to Wenatchee and was open to public use via a private road. *Not many people climbed there and as such it has flown under the radar for*quite some time. *The crag straddles two properties; one company owns the property with most of the climbing, another owned the access road. *This past fall the property*with the access road sold from a timber company that explicitly allowed access, to an individual that currently does not. *The new owner placed "No Trespassing" signs on it*which blocks access to the climbing walls via the normal approach. *I contacted the Access Fund shortly after this happened and now need help from other Wenatchee locals.**The goal would be to regain access to the cliffs by setting up a usage plan/agreement with the cliff owners and/or the owners of the access road. *The new owner of the*access road has functional mines on at least one other property nearby, which if mining is conducted here would pose a direct threat to these cliffs.**

If you have personal experience climbing in the area near Rocky Reach Dam (north of Wenatchee), or have connections with C&O Orchards (the current owner of the cliffs*and our best chance at regaining access), this may help. *Please contact Joe with The Access Fund (his info is listed below) or myself. *We can fill you in and use any help*that you can offer.

Until then, please respect the new owners rights and avoid any trespassing. *Also this is a perfect reminder and opportunity to donate to the Access Fund if you haven't*already. *They are extremely helpful in protecting access to our sport. *Thanks.

Stephen Guyette
Cell Phone:*509.881.0089

Joe Sambataro
National Access Director &
Northwest Regional Director*|*Access Fund
cell*425-218-8234*| Seattle, WA