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    Good mountain biking trails April

    I will be in Wenatchee with my mountain bike April 1 and am wondering about the trail conditions. I have only ridden Sage Hills and am looking for intermediate and less trails.
    I am content to go to Sage Hills again if it is open. Are there any other trails that will be snow free at this time? Or should I plan to take my fat bike and find some snow trails?

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    The trails should be in okay shape on April 1st. Since it's the first day of the season they won't have (hopefully) had any traffic on them. We are supposed to get a little bit of rain on Wednesday but it should dry out by the 1st. Horse Lake Road, which is at the northern end of the trail system, has been rideable for a while now. Most of the trails in Sage Hills are beginner or intermediate and your best bet is to look at the trail guides on Wenatchee Outdoors. There is also an interactive trail map here.

    I doubt Number Two Canyon will be rideable on a regular mt bike. Ancient Lakes is a possibility an hour from Wenatchee, but most people will be hitting Sage.

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    That's great! Thanks for the info!��



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