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    Exclamation Ski Hill/Freund/Leavenworth

    Rode ski hill sunday and today. Conditions are likely really muddy now due to the rains. The main Freund loop prolly has snow in the upper reaches still. A lad told me he rode Ranger Road-Rosy Boa and it was good to go, and confirmed snow on the re-worked wall ride descent in Freund. The lower half of the Freund descent below the ski hill connector looked snow free but I didn't head down. I'd guess optimal conditions will occur there in about 3-4 weeks, maybe longer if the rains and cool weather continue. Lower Rosy Boa was ripping on monday but it was getting muddy today

    Also investigated Icicle river road. I biked to the end of the road, the current official closure was a 1~ mile past the 4th creek trail head. Several people had already driven past though, making nice tracks through the snow for me to ride in. Turned around at the upper johhny/lower johhny sign when I couldn't see any pavement on the other side of the snow on the road.

    Bonus tip: the gate on number 2 canyon road is open for some reason even though there is alot of snow on the other side still. The road is going to take a beating this year, the lower end is already destroyed again, worst I recall or maybe I'm not as reckless as I was when I was 19 anymore ?

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    Ski Hill/Freund/Leavenworth

    Is the new uphill trail at Ski Hill open yet?

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    I don't think it is, last I heard they had a couple miles to go yet.



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