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    Little Wenatchee Road

    Little Wenatchee Road is prime for biking as of now. It was still gated and snow free for at least 5.5 miles of glorious pavement, we turned around just before the second gravel pit/logging (?) area. There may be snow some where just beyond, it looked like the gravel pit people had probably plowed the road at some point judging by 5 foot tall snow piles.

    We saw 3 grouse, 2 bears, 1 deer and 2 turkeys. Many ravens also.

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    Never been on this road before. Is it at the north end of the lake? If I'm looking at the right one on Google, it looks like it goes all the way to Highway 2? Is that doable when there's no snow? And two bear sightings? Nice job

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    Yes end of the Lake Wenatchee. The paved road does not go to Highway 2, that is a dirt road that connects to Smithbrook road, the paved road goes toward Little Wenatchee Ford Campground, turning to dirt I believe 3 miles before the end. It's a pretty gradual climb with a bit of undulation up to the point where we stopped and I suspect more of the same beyond that. The dirt road to the highway would probably be a tough climb, I think they keep Smithbrook and Little Wenatchee gated till the snow melts from the pass between them.



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